Sunday, June 21, 2009

SW to Europe and other regions

A question I am getting asked often is when will Happy Station have a frequency for Europe. Well this is something that is very important to me. But first let me tell you a little about the plan for the show. The idea to restart HS goes back to when Tom retired from Radio Netherlands. At the time HS was still on air with Pete Myres as host. But Tom told me all those years ago in his garden in Hilversum, Holland, that after being at RN for more than 20 years he saw the writing on the wall. 
So lets skip 14 years after HS was canceled in 1995. For me this was the show I always wanted to do. And it has taken me all this time to do so. But I want to give you al an idea of what the scheduled plan is.
1. Revive the show on shortwave. The first region being North America. Why NA? I thought that with all the cuts made for SQW broadcasts to NA this would be a good starting point.
2. Show will be bi-weekly.
3. Show will then be weekly with 2 different editions at 0100UTC and 1500UTC.
4. Spanish edition
5. Two frequencies for Europe.
6. HS website (this is already in the works)
7. Frequencies for Africa and Asia.
Right now we are are number two on this list. And there have been some surprises such as when World FM in New Zealand contacted me to add the show to their Saturday lineup and also Radio Sonora in Indonesia.
So if I could be wait 14 years to restart the show please wait a few months for other frequencies.


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