Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Ham Band

Soon The Ham Band will be on the show. I'm going to run a fun DX contest

Happy Station Show August 13, 2009 0100UTC & 1500UTC

Hi Everyone,

Here are the podcasts for the August 13, 2009 0100UTC & 1500UTC Happy Station Shows.

0100UTC -

1500UTC -

If you log onto and click on the Happy Station you can download the shows using Itunes. Using this feature makes it easy to set your itunes to download the show weekly. If you have any problem feel free to contact me at anytime

I also want to take this opportunity to announce the following. All emails, letters and facebook messages are being entered into a lucky draw that will be held on December 31, 2009. The last transmissions for the end of the year will be 2 hours. The prizes will be a:

Sangean SW Radio

All 3 books from Jerry Berg

CD of songs by Tom Meijer

And much more.

Just to let you know if you send in your reception reports, letters, emails, facebook messages please enclose your address so the HS QSL card cane be sent out.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

My early days!

A few days ago I talked to a technician I use to work with 100 years ago. And he told me that he has all the logger tapes from CINQ where for 3 years hosted a Saturday morning show called Waking Up With Keith Perron.

There is a funny story behind this clip. It was just after I got back from Holland after spending time with Tom at his house in Hilversum. This show aired just a few weeks after Tom and I discussed that maybe Happy Station should come back as an independent production. Listening to this clip now makes me wonder if in the back of my head the idea started growing. LOL

All that has survived of this show is the last 2 mins.,_1993.mp3

Just to let you know the music that is played at the beginning of the clip is from a Skymasters LP Tom had given me.

Also one final note. This show was aired 2 months before I moved to Cuba.

Here is a clip of the Saturday morning news magazine I use to do called International Report.,_1993.mp3

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well the first major typhoon of the season is coming to Taipei. Last week before I left for Japan I took down all my array antennas. Last year during a typhoon everything blew away and it took me 1 month to rebuild everything, so this year I'm not taking any chances.
In my building some of my neighbors think I'm a spy because of the set up I have on my rooftop, but last year when power was out and no one could find out updates about the storm a few of them came to my place to listen to the special broadcasts by the Central Weather Bureau (CWB). They were surprised that I still had power, so I took them up to my rooftop during the wind and rain and shows them my 2kw solar panels. They were shocked. Yes I'm a green person. The only power I use from the main grid is for the aircon, everything else is from my solar panels and wind turbine. One radio I have is always tuned to 109.00Mhz a frequency used the the CWB for typhoon warnings.