Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My view of Edward Startz

I was 6 years old when Eddy passed away in 1976 so I never had a chance to listen to his version of Happy Station until a few years ago when I got hold of some of his shows. After listening to them I can understand why people tuned in for many years. He made you feel as if you were in the studio with him. HS was part of his life for more than 40 years and if Eddy was still with us I would love to have him on the show. I have so many questions I would want to ask him. Here is a list of questions I would have asked Eddy.
1. Why Happy Station?
2. What was your feeling about when you first went off air in 1941 during the NAZI occupation of Holland?
3. What was it like returning after the founding of Radio Nederland?
4. Did you ever think the show would last so long?
5. What are some of your fondest memories of HS over the years?
6. What is your relationship with the audience?
7. Did you really drink tea in your cup or was it ever anything stronger?
8. Where do you see radio going?
9. After you retired did you ever want to come back with a new show?
10. Would you do internet broadcasting?
11. Do you think in some way HS helped bring people together?
12. When you started with Philips Radio in 1927 did you ever think it was going last as long as it did?
13. Did you think it was something special?
14. How much of yourself was HS?
15. How do you want to be remembered?

Cheers Eddy! Let's lift our cups of tea!

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