Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well the first major typhoon of the season is coming to Taipei. Last week before I left for Japan I took down all my array antennas. Last year during a typhoon everything blew away and it took me 1 month to rebuild everything, so this year I'm not taking any chances.
In my building some of my neighbors think I'm a spy because of the set up I have on my rooftop, but last year when power was out and no one could find out updates about the storm a few of them came to my place to listen to the special broadcasts by the Central Weather Bureau (CWB). They were surprised that I still had power, so I took them up to my rooftop during the wind and rain and shows them my 2kw solar panels. They were shocked. Yes I'm a green person. The only power I use from the main grid is for the aircon, everything else is from my solar panels and wind turbine. One radio I have is always tuned to 109.00Mhz a frequency used the the CWB for typhoon warnings.

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