Thursday, August 6, 2009

My early days!

A few days ago I talked to a technician I use to work with 100 years ago. And he told me that he has all the logger tapes from CINQ where for 3 years hosted a Saturday morning show called Waking Up With Keith Perron.

There is a funny story behind this clip. It was just after I got back from Holland after spending time with Tom at his house in Hilversum. This show aired just a few weeks after Tom and I discussed that maybe Happy Station should come back as an independent production. Listening to this clip now makes me wonder if in the back of my head the idea started growing. LOL

All that has survived of this show is the last 2 mins.,_1993.mp3

Just to let you know the music that is played at the beginning of the clip is from a Skymasters LP Tom had given me.

Also one final note. This show was aired 2 months before I moved to Cuba.

Here is a clip of the Saturday morning news magazine I use to do called International Report.,_1993.mp3

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