Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just some chit-chat!

Well next month will be 6 months that Happy Station has been back on air, and the past 2 weeks have been very busy. I have a small group of people in Europe monitoring a few SW frequencies for me of possible channels for Europe. Also July 31, I'll be off to Tokyo, Japan for 10 days to tape a TV series I do yearly for NHK. It's a bit crazy to do because we have 6/60min shows to record over 10 days, all live with an audience. Parts of these shows will air on Happy Station in the coming months.
Now since I will be in Tokyo for 10 day, I'll be doing two shows from NHK for August 6th, 2009 at 0100UTC and 1500UTC. These 2 shows will be music based with some fun stuff that I hope will make you all giggle. I love Japan it is in many ways my home away from home. I always find it fun and a challenge to work in Japanese. As my accent is rather funny. Last year I played the role of an American CIA Agent in a Japanese sitcom. A local newspaper in Tokyo called my performance a cross between Benny Hill and Steve Martin. Honestly I'm not quite sure how I should take that. LOL! For those who have been asking to see and hear my work in Japanese and Chinese some clips will be uploaded in youtube soon.
Also an interview I gave to CTTV in Taiwan will be added to the Happy Station youtube channel.

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