Thursday, July 2, 2009

Find it amazing

Since reviving the show in March I have been keeping tabs on listeners. The more I continue doing the show I am gearing more towards targeting Europe/Africa/Asia/Pacific and South America with a consideration of dropping it to North America.
Question is why would I consider dropping it to North America? The listeners from other regions has been greater. Also the DXERS that tune in who are very helpful to let me know how the show sounds when it's being transmitted there is a big difference between those from North America and the rest of the regions. The emails and letters I am getting from a few hard-cord dxers in the US makes me want to drop North American transmission and only use SW for Europe and Africa. Just recently I got an email from a listener in the US who was blasting me for not being a winner in the "LUCKY DRAW" I was having for two SW radios. He was so bitter he didn't win. but as I stated from the beginning the contest was only open to those who wrote in by snail mail and not those who sent in emails. Some of his emails were very strange/funny/sad. About 2 months ago I played a band from Scandinavia he wrote me about. I played them because I also liked the sound of the band. But then 2 weeks ago being pissed off that he was not entered into the draw because he didn't send in a letter, he said the strangest thing. He said if it was not for him this band never would have become world famous after being on Happy Station. I thought to myself is there something about Happy Station that I don't know about? World famous from being played on Happy Station? LOLOL You have got to be kidding.
I really feel listeners in other regions are listening more to content than most of the US listeners who just collect QSL Cards.
The biggest response in order is:
South America
North America

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