Sunday, May 30, 2010

International Radio Report going down hill!

For many years I was a regular listener to the International Radio Report on CKUT in Montreal. I use to listen on FM when I lived in Canada and then via the CKUT website. But in the last while I have noticed a number of problems with the show. It's showing it's age. Steve and Janice were doing a great job to bring new life to the show. But since Janice left for a few months to work in Africa, one of the shows creators has returned Sheldon Harvey. Now first off I need to say I respect Sheldon as he knows his stuff and has worked hard over the years along with many others to save Radio Canada International.
But listening to him makes him sound as if he is at a casting called for Grumpy Old Men 3. I have never heard anyone so bitter, jaded and angry. He spends most of his time going on and on and on complaining about radio and the people on radio. Maybe he should look at himself?
There was a time when I use to tune in to hear interesting talk about radio, but since he has been back it's nothing but negative comments about everyone and how bad radio is. My next problem with the show is the name. It's called International Radio Report. Hummm! Where is the international? All I seem to hear is news about local radio in Montreal. Maybe the name show be changed to Montreal Radio Report. If the show is "international" from it's title, it seems as if these days Montreal radio and or Montreal is is center of international.
And again this week not the first time in the last 10 months. Nothing but music! Hummm! Have they ever heard of recording a show or two incase they can't make it in? If anything your doing your listeners a disservice.
There is no excuse for this. As the old saying goes the show must go on.

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  1. Hello from Colombia,
    maybe this...
    CKUT is constantly seeking volunteers to create on air programming and help behind the scenes.
    The first step to getting involved at CKUT Radio is to come to our general orientations, every
    third Thursday of the monthat 12 noon, 3pm or 6pm at 3647 University Ave.
    No need to reserve a spot - just show up.
    For more information, email

    73 de Yimber